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Busch Flower Farm

Identity Design

Solo Freelance Project

Busch Flower Farm Bucket and Sleeves


Create a logo and identity system for Len Busch Roses, a wholesale flower company

As a wholesale B2B company, Len Busch Roses hasn’t needed to update their graphics since their founding in 1965. However, with the emergence of a B2C program in Twin Cities’ Targets and Cubs, they needed a brand that would personify their values in the retail space. I developed a branding system, called Busch Flower Farm, and some collateral.


Local, Farm, Flower, Natural, Honest, Community

Len Busch Roses Flower Farm Logo


This was my first solo freelance project without working with another creative. I negotiated my own contract, kept my own time-line, and presented design options in a way the client could understand my decisions. Most of this project was without direct supervision.



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