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Imara International

UX Design

Solo Freelance Project


Revitalize a Non-Profit's Website

Imara International is a rescue home for young mothers and their children in Kenya. The stakeholders were realizing that their website was difficult to use and no longer complied with current web design best practices. They hired me to assist with a website overhaul.


Empowering, inspiring, Africa, hopeful, feminine 


There were many opportunities for improvements. I helped them discover an effective information architecture, advised them on user friendly content practices, and embodied their branding within the visuals.


Take note of the expression of their branding. Imara's existing collateral mainly consisted of print. I freshened up their digital presence.


This has been my largest solo freelance project to date. Overcame by having a clear vision of project scope and execution. This was all on top of other website tasks. 

Additionally, structuring a large amount of copy in an engaging layout and design. Overcame by breaking up design with engaging visuals.

Looking for a knowledgeable and passionate UX designer?



Identity System


Social Media

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