Mercedarian Sisters

UX Design, Marketing Design, Photography

Solo Agency Project


Design a website for joyful nuns

The Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament were seeking assistance to build a website with a refresh visual identity. These needed to appeal to young, discerning women. I spearheaded the design of this website, which I then used as a framework for designing their emails, eBooks, and print newsletter. In addition, I shot supporting photography and video assets for marketing.


Friendly, Approachable, Feminine, Lively


Provided updated design that accurately communicates the Sisters’ personality and mission, using illustrations and graphics.



Structuring a large amount of copy in an engaging layout and design. Overcame by breaking up design with engaging images and info-graphics.

Communicating with Development department to achieve usability goals. Overcame by developing a styles spreadsheet for hand-off and creating alternate designs when necessary.

Take note of the infographics that help break up the text-heavy site. Additionally, I captured much of the videography and photography.


Like what you see? I want to help you create something just as awesome!



Identity Design


Identity Design


“Society needs artists, just as it needs scientists, technicians, workers, professional people, witnesses of the faith, teachers, fathers and mothers, who ensure the growth of the person and the development of the community by means of that supreme art form which is 'the art of education'.”

St. John Paul II's Letter to Artists

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