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3 Reasons Why Hiring a Good Designer is Worth it

Graphic design can be expensive. Some might be outraged to know that a logo can be as expensive as $10,000 and websites as much as $200,000. Why do graphic designers quote at these seemingly outrageous prices? Should you skip paying a designer, do it yourself on an online website or logo builder, and invest the money you save into other company resources instead?

Here are three reasons you should consider before ditching a seasoned graphic designer for anything else.

Good graphic design is easy to use

How would you feel if you tried to use a salt shaker and nothing came out? I know I would feel frustrated, stop using it, possibly even throw it out of a window. I expected to be able to salt my bland food using the salt shaker but I wasn’t able to achieve my goal. When an object can’t achieve or poorly achieves a goal, the user usually stops using it, will try to find something else to use, or become more frustrated than they were before they used said useless object.

The same can happen to you. If a user arrives at your website expecting to gain certain information or buy a product but they can’t figure out how, you’re going to frustrate and lose customers to the competition.

Good graphic designers are educated about the visual psychology of knowing how shapes and colors can influence how someone will interact with a design.

Good graphic design makes you look smart

When a user is left feeling frustrated by a poorly designed object, things can get pretty personal. “How could someone design such a thing?” “What a waste of my time!” Users can also have thoughts like, “Does this company even know what they’re doing?” Graphic design can play a big part in your credibility as a company.

For example, a poorly designed logo can have issues communicating what a company is about. The message isn’t delivered and the user is left feeling confused. Much opportunity for story-telling and connecting to the customer is lost.

However, a well-designed logo can communicate a lot about a company. How long it’s been around, what kind of people work there, what they sell, and much more. Good design speaks the language of shape and color to effectively communicate to viewers. It can make customers take organizations more seriously because messaging is clear and professional.

Good graphic design looks incredible

It isn’t entirely a secret that there are health benefits to beautiful art. Patients in hospitals that display art tend to recover faster than those that don’t. Do you notice the feeling you get when you see an electrical box in the city that has been painted with a beautiful nature scene?

A graphic designer is a type of visual artist. Just like an artist, a good graphic designer always strives to create something beautiful. I know I get a really awesome feeling when I see a clever logo or a beautiful poster. A good graphic designer will be less preoccupied with the daunting task of designing and will focus more on designing something awesome, unlike someone who hasn’t studied design.

Good art does stuff to people. Why should we pass up the same opportunity in design?

Time and time again, it’s been proven that good design is worth it. It makes you look smart, is easy for your customers to use, and looks awesome. In the end, the real answer is this: How much money will this asset potentially bring me in? If it’s millions, expect a price tag to reflect that. We designers are simply charging our worth.


A good graphic designer doesn’t just make smart, easy to use, and beautiful things. He or she will also be willing to negotiate a fair price with you and will always try to find a number that works for everyone.

What do you think?

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